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Albuquerque, NM
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This band was added to our database on June 24, 2001, and the band's information was last updated 18 years ago. v0sh is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 12489 time(s).
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2 vote(s).
"do whatever the fuck you want"
Really harsh. Really old.
Kay did what he could to make this track sound better, but this song was written back before i knew ANYTHING about engineering, so if you think this sounds bad... you should hear the "pre-master"...
circa: 1998

credits: v0sh: keys, programming, vox, pre engineering.
The Kay: re-mastering
c. 1998 4m 20s 6.0MB 192Kbps

3 vote(s).
"fuck the dead people (brickwallsoulripple)"
one of the many existing mixes, though one of the more interesting ones, I think, of the poem Keith wrote back in the day... the poem is bad ass... i have a strange cob version that i will be posting soon as well..

credits: v0sh: creation, mixing.

kay: lyrics, pre-mastering*

* there is a post master ready, also by Kay, waiting for the thanVScob release.
c. 2003 5m 51s 6.7MB 192Kbps

1 vote(s).
"bodyslam [lathering up mix] [burque luv]"
a Fine collaboration of Efesar and Thanatophobia -

The original recording of this track was much different. Written by Ash Wednesday and v0sh in the very early incarnation of Than, back in 99, it was much rougher and bass heavy. v0sh rewrote the track, and K. Alexander got ahold of it and mixed it to the welt inducing track it is now - This track is a steal from the Stillbirth project that remixed Slave:
band: stillbirth

credits: v0sh - programming, v0x
kay - mixing, v0x, engineering
Ash Wednesday - original lyrics
burque luv volume one
c. 2000 4m 24s 4.0MB 128Kbps
No votes.
"instagib [the wench] [burque luv]"
One of the first tracks expressing a more open feel. Less industrial, more trance, this song speaks better in instrumentation than could possibly articulate with vocals. As stated above, the original nomer is "instagib" - Maternal instinct overlayed by the reality of doing it alone. Becoming father as well as mother is messy, not easy. Though the title at the time of Burque Luv (1) was "instagib", it ended up being called "The Cradle". The original conveyance of emotion with the first title has not been lost.

credits: v0sh: sequencing, programming, mixing

Kay: remastering
burque luv volume one
c. 2000 4m 20s 4.0MB 128Kbps
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"disregard [instrumental] [burque luv two]"
This track was the second in a series that ended up being the end of Thanatophobia - An atmospheric, but melencholy divergence from the original Than mode. consumeobeybreed was soon to follow from this track, as the one before it (instagib/the cradle), and the two after (doppelganger & blame). There are other recorded tracks that flow to this denomination, such as Reflection, that are more b-side. This instrumental is finally dealing with, and getting over the first real love of my life. Though taking place after meeting my life partner, I never gave myself the chance to finalize or close the true feeling behind the first. It's not happy.

credits: v0sh: sequencing, programming, mixing

Kay: remastering
burque luv volume two
c. 2001 5m 50s 4.4MB 128Kbps
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"reflection [burque luv three]"
This b-side found its way into rotation by request of several influential people. In the same sort of ambient tech genre as Disregard, The Cradle (instagib), Doppelganger, and a few other seldom heard b-sides, this track is the reconstruction of emotion, realizing how important some things are. Rather than seeing myself in a pool of water, I am reflecting upon the past, and how the current state of love enunciated my emotions of the time. Though melencholy, a feeling of bouncey waterlike euphoria guides through - delivering the belly rumbling bass that is deliverance.

credits: v0sh: sequencing, programming, mixing

Kay: remastering
burque luv volume three
c. 2001 4m 47s 3.5MB 128Kbps
No votes.
"doppelganger [edit] [burque luv four]"
This is the finale to the series of tracks that include Blame, The Cradle (instagib), Reflection, and others. A good portion of this series spans Burque Luv One through Four. There are b-side tracks that encompass this series of tracks that, like this epic, are far seperated from previous Thanatophobia tracks. The series and this track in particular were written with soundtrack in mind. Vocal or not, the power conveyed through these track sequentially or solo is apperant. Moving away from the abrasive and sometimes vulgar expression of previous Than tracks are these bold and expressive pieces. This endgame track was actually 4 or so minutes longer in it's original form. It's design as an energy release "finale" would have been lost as an addition to a compilation, it's content was shortened for continuity.

credits: v0sh: sequencing, programming, mixing

Kay: engineering/mastering
burque luv volume four
c. 2002 6m 52s 8.1MB 192Kbps
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