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Albuquerque, NM
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This band was added to our database on June 24, 2001, and the band's information was last updated 18 years ago. v0sh is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 12488 time(s).
Than music is experimental in nature. We use both original composition as well as sampled and reprocessed lines. We leaned toward harder industrial dance and noise with our earlier tracks, however we were swinging all the way to atmospheric and ambience with the final endeavours. Than was compared by some members and friends to other jam session based bands in that many people and musicians people wandered in and out of the project, as intended. Than had entered the realms of analog production and performance, though had been primarily home studio based. Than had a strong influence from efesar, fs75, and soulwell (also local to ABQ). Though this project has been closed, a first and final LP release is in the works, though the release deadline has been set and broken many times, expect the anthology to hit no later than February 2004.
industrial, atmospheric, ambience, noise
(local)EFESAR, Zamchowa, KRIXX Project, , the Ritual Document clan - RIP - (not so local) pixies, tom waits, DVOA, not breathing,Download, pink dotz, cEVIN KEY!, switchblade symphony, old school Nettwerk cliques...much, MUCH more
we sound like us, and it would be a dissapointment to you to say we sounded like anyone else, why dont you tell us what you think?
Thanataphobia started in 1997 as a progressive computer/MIDI group. As we discovered more abilities of the equipment (as well as upgrade and acquire some), Than progressed futher. From incarnation to closure more people and instruments wander in and out as the band changed. The project slowly morphed into the consumeobeybreed project, and has arisen anew as "zeRohEro", which has a track featured in Burque Luv 5. consumeobeybreed as a solo act still performs local sets in Albuquerque, and is available for booking.
v0sh, with heavy contributions from keldot, Basketweaver,Ash Wednesday, Patience, Ronin and The Wench.
Ensoniq VFX synthesizer, tiny -little-old-tired-Casio MIDI keys, AMD Athlon XP2200 & overclocked 750 w/Audigy 2 Platinum & AWE64 Gold soundcards, MIDI sequencing software, WAV manipulation tools (FX & mixing),Korg KP2 (kaoss pad), Korg Electribe ES-1, Roland V custom trap set, Roland TR-505 (teehee), Boss Dr Rhythm DR-550 (heh), Yamaha DD-9 & DD-5(thats not funny), Zoom sampletrak 224, TOA mixer that is heavier and older than me (& has a cewl analog FX knob ), FXpedals, handdrums, 3D video games, bicycle rims, vocals, spoons, tins... toddlers... This could go on forever
thanVScob: Attraction - this release is on hold until further notice (tick tock)
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