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brian botkiller filming live DVD 2/15
When: 15 years agoWhat: Musicians
Who: botkillerComments: add a comment

I'll be filming my live concert DVD, filming by Spork Films, and I'll be joined by Sindrone and Ken Cornell on stage to back me up and bring the noise, as well as panopticon to bring the visuals. I'd like to have a lot of people out for this event, so PLEASE COME! Free. 9pm (come early, lineups change), and also playing is Vertigo Venus and People noise.

[Concert: brian botkiller filming live DVD (burque.info)]

You can download People Noise's entire new album, "Ordinary Ghosts", (with the band's blessing) here:

[00009-PEOPLENOISE-OG.zip @ [ @ www.fanaticpromotion.com in ] in /ribbit/peoplenoise]

Please come out! I need support for this!
Diverje Cd release party - "Stitched"!
When: 16 years agoWhat: Musicians
Who: botkillerComments: add a comment

The new CD from Diverje is coming out, and you want to be there! Come rock with us at Burt's tiki lounge on 7/24 around 9pm, no cover and 21 and up, for our CD release of our new disc, "Stitched". Diverje will be playing, as well as Vertigo Venus and brian botkiller. Plenty of Cds on hand... so be there! Help us make this big!
KeyToSound Electronic music showcase!
When: 16 years agoWhat: Musicians
Who: botkillerComments: add a comment

Friday May 18th, 2007 starting at 6 pm
CLUB 7 in Albuquerque, NM
KeyToSound Presents
Efren "Pedro" Ramirez spinning sets during the night!
6:45pm Vertigo Venus-Albuquerque, NM- Electro
7:30pm Music Video-Tuscon, AZ- Electro
8:15pm OHN-Austin, TX-Electro
9:00pm Peekaboo Theory-Houston, TX-Electro
10pm Raine Vivian-Albuquerque, NM,-Electro
11pm Peachcake-Cave Creek, AZ-Electro
12am Diverje/Brian Botkiller-Albuquerque,NM -Electro
brian botkiller, Diverje, Raine Vivian, Vertigo Venus

[events01777.php @ burque.info in /]
When: 16 years agoWhat: Musicians
Who: angaym k ossComments: 1

Since the 1970's, the currently Uk -based text/sound artist Z'EV has
been at the forefront of the movement that became known as

A precursor even to Neubauten, his brand of scrap-metal/found object
percussion originates in intense musical training and background.
Beginning with his days at the California Institute of the Arts, Z'EV
has studied techniques such as Balinese Gamelan, EWE (Ghana), Tala
(south India), and Vou Dun (Hati).

Incorporating these traditional methods into his distinctly personal
musical vision of sound, Z'EV has consistently produced vital examples
of his craft for a host of noted labels including Soleilmoon, C.I.P,
Touch and Die Stadt and a commissioned piece for John Zorn's "Radical
Jewish Music" series on Zaddik. His record "Bust This" was chosen in
1988 by The Wire as one of the greatest 50 percussion albums of all

Z'EV has graced the stage and created installations for an immense
variety of venues in Europe, the US and
Japan. The list of his collaborators over the years includes such
luminaries as Keiji Haino, David Jackman, Francisco Lopez, KK Null,
Stephen O'Malley, Charlemagne Palestine, Genesis P 'Orridge and Chris

In 2007, Radon presents 'Bust This', the premiere full-on American
tour by Z'EV. These appearances will be his first state-side
performances (excluding NYC and LA) in well over 20 years.

The concerts will occur in a mixture of conventional venues as well as
delving into underground contexts which few artists of Z'EV's history
and stature have explored. The return of Z'EV to the United States is
highly anticipated in the wake of his recent activity. A new
generation of listeners have come to the realization that much of what
they consider to be the original wave of avant garde music, owes a
huge debt to the creative pathways forged by Z'EV.

***check calendar/shows here!!!
Ordered Mayhem
When: 17 years agoWhat: Musicians
Who: angaym k ossComments: 5

Santa Fe musicians built a collective that brings in all kinds
By Marisa Demarco

Organized chaos: Folks from Santa Fe’s High Mayhem prepare sound equipment for a live recording,
"The process is more important than the end result," Carlos Santistevan says. "We're just trying to keep the process moving."

It's the kind of thing a collegiate art teacher, a good one, is likely to say—process before results. Santistevan is the program director at Santa Fe's High Mayhem, a record label, recording studio and performance space that grew organically in a little house accessible via a strange gravel road.

It's hard for Santistevan to pin down when High Mayhem, as it exists today, really came into being. The first solid festival the collective put on was in October 2002.

Before that, there was a house.

Max Freidenberg lived there. Bands began renting the studio space for rehearsal, and Freidenberg, who is today the program’s director, moved next door. The musicians built a stage and painted the place, adapting and adopting it. These days, there's a room for live performances and a recording studio, and, like every good home, the kitchen remains the hub, a place for recording bands and traveling acts to hang and be nourished. "The space has a homely sense to it," Santistevan says.

The 10 or so people who run High Mayhem bring in all kinds. "What we're really trying to do is present art and performance, but really pushing the boundaries of what is the normal paradigm," Santistevan says. There's flux and turnover from show to show, from production to production, he adds. "Each show is a unique experience in itself. Sometimes that makes it difficult for people to understand what we do."

High Mayhem's website ([ @ www.highmayhem.org) in ] explains it pretty succinctly: "If artists are being true to themselves in what they craft, if they have removed societally imposed obstacles to fashion an expression of their own, we embrace them."

Loose translation: All kinds.

Documentation is key, and musicians are often paid in recordings of the live show they put on, mixed or as raw tracks. The three-day High Mayhem Emerging Arts Festival on Oct. 6, 7 and 8 is recorded, compiled and sold on the collective's label. It takes about 50 volunteers to put on the festival, Santistevan estimates. The recording makes the event pretty tech-heavy, too, which means it's usually just a sole stage. Acts are curated entirely by submission and come from as far as Lithuania and France.

Given the diversity of artists, it's pretty clear that you will probably never see the same show twice at the venue. "We have people coming to shows regularly for a year, and they still don't know what we're about," says Santistevan. But that's OK. This is, after all, mayhem.
When: 18 years agoWhat: Musicians
Who: SHARDSOFGLASSComments: 10

Malfunction Preview CD to be released soon..!
When: 18 years agoWhat: Musicians
Who: DJMykeComments: 7

So, i've decided to make a preview CD to the upcoming "Malfunction:Shades Of Sin" single.... it has 4 songs, and a really neato-frito (god... where did i get that phrase stuck in my head..?) insert.. so if your in Santa Fe and are willing to meet up so i can give you a copy, hit me up... otherwise, if your out of Santa Fe (or don't want to meet up) hit me up.. it'll cost a little just for shipping...

you can contact me through here or an e-mail to [mikevoxagain@yahoo.com]

i just want to know how many i should print...
and these are going to be released around the end of the week...

myke (aka enigmatik...?)
New brian botkiller single in limited release
When: 19 years agoWhat: Musicians
Who: botkillerComments: 2

A new CDR single by brian botkiller is now available in limited edition... "against all odds" takes some of brian's signature sound and adds to it melodic strings and NU-break drum breaks reminiscent of Hybrid and Way Out West.

The against all odds CDR single is a limited release ... it contains two tracks:

1. against all odds - original mix
2. agianst all odds - short mix

Find more info at : album: against all odds - cd single

Listen to against all odds at [brianbotkiller @ www.ampcast.com in /]

Cost is $3.00 plus $1 s/h in the lower 48 states. The run is currently limited to 20 CD's, and if you buy now you also get a brian botkiller patch - you can find botkiller merch at [ @ www.brianbotkiller.com in ] . If you are interested in purchasing, please email [botkiller@fwank.net] for info.

Against all odds is also currently in the running for a winning slot on Doniryeed Records' "2003 Indie Talent Search". Within a month,
<a href=[a> @ www.doniryeed.com>Doniryeed< in /] will be taking votes online for winners, and if you like this song, please vote for brian botkiller at the Doniryeed website!

Thanks, everyone.
Cool Edit Pro is now Adobe Audition
When: 19 years agoWhat: Musicians
Who: efesarComments: 9

well, there goes another good music program, down the drain.
Adobe Systems Incorporated acquired the technology assets of Syntrillium Software in May 2003. On August 18th, 2003 Adobe released a rebranded version of Cool Edit Pro 2.1 as Adobe Audition™ software.


[syntrillium.html @ www.adobe.com in /special/products/audition]
When: 20 years agoWhat: Musicians
Who: efesarComments: 3

i know you've all been waiting for this ... <a href="[FL-Studio-4.html">fruity @ www.harmony-central.com in /Newp/2003] loops 4</a> ... nice thing is that the "high end" version is $149, and a copy can be had for $49 ...

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