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The Agency - Grand Opening this Saturday
When: 15 years agoWhat: Shows
Who: Dr. NyquistComments: add a comment

March 22, 2008


Albuquerque, is
pleased to announce its grand opening event on Saturday,
March 29th.

The Agency, located at 111 4th Street, will offer an
environment for
fine art openings, musical performances, spoken word,
independent film
showings, and new media installations.

The celebration begins at 6pm and is open to the public
without a
cover charge. The night will feature performances by local
and video projectionists. Media Professionals wishing to
cover the
event are welcome.

The Agency will begin to host events after its grand
providing a new outlet for art, music, and community in
The Agency will host concerts, art shows, performances and
more in a
refined, stylish environment built with interaction of the
many art
communities of Albuquerque and New Mexico.

Tripl3Tone Studios, located at The Agency, is operated by
engineer / producer Jason Wolf of KeyToSound. Tripl3Tone
caters to the audio and video production needs of
quickly evolving music and film community. Tripl3Tone
sophisticated audio and video recording and editing
technology to meet
the needs of musicians and bands; as well as, broadcasters,
advertising agencies, film makers, and website developers.

The Agency is also the new home of artist Nick Harmon and
Concepts. FHAB art will reside permanently at The Agency.
a different local artist each month, FHAB Friday showcases
new artists
every first Friday of the month. Artists interested in
are encouraged to contact FHAB for showing details.

Media Contact:
Jason Wolf
[ @ www.the-agency.org in ]

<img src="[TheAgencyGrandOpening_web.jpg"> @ www.the-agency.org in /images/flyers]
CK's lounge Nov. 28th
When: 16 years agoWhat: Shows
Who: botkillerComments: add a comment

Wednesday Nov. 28th, Raine Vivian, Diverje and Vertigo Venus, Live @ CK's lounge (2841 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM), 9:30pm, 21+ - strippers, industrial music. Can't beat that with a stick.
When: 16 years agoWhat: Shows
Who: botkillerComments: add a comment


Misty's Hideaway
1522 Eubank Blvd NE # B
Albuquerque, NM 87112
(505) 271-9839

The venerable CHEMLAB is one of the legends of Industrial Rock. This DOES NOT HAPPEN VERY OFTEN! We are EXTREMELY lucky to have this opportunity, so BE THERE!!

FREE, 21+, 9pm. Hosting will be Botnix, Scarless, Diverje and Vertigo Venus. BRING FRIENDS!

AGAIN: NOT A SHOW TO BE MISSED! Please don't figure this happens all the time... it does not! Spread the word and tell everyone, the time is now!
CK's Lounge 11/14!!!!!
When: 16 years agoWhat: Shows
Who: AudioBuddhaComments: add a comment

This is going to be a great night of music! The show starts at 8 p.m. with Vertigo Venus, Brian Botkiller and AudioBuddha!! Its a 21+ event and the cover is only $6 at the door. feel free to email us with any questions and we look forward to seeing you there! Remember folks its all about community and support!!!! Show some love for your local musicians! We need a couple of folks from Santa Fe to act as our street team for this show - in accepting this duty we'll get you on our guest list for this event! Remember this is a 21+ event!

[collage1wo9.jpg" @ img526.imageshack.us in /img526/4760]
The Curio - 10/20
When: 16 years agoWhat: Shows
Who: AudioBuddhaComments: 1

This is going to be a big show for us! Its AllOrange, The Unborn Soul, AudioBuddha and Brian Botkiller at The Curio on 10/20. The cover will be only $5 and the doors will open around 9 p.m. This is going to be a great night of elevated musical consciousness! Also this will be The Unborn Souls official introduction to Albuquerque so lets give them plenty of support - check them out on their Myspace:

[almaincreada @ www.myspace.com in /]

Support the scene and lets have a great turnout to this - tell your friends, family, etc.... its all ages! Brings good vibes!

<img src="[thecurio2nn5.jpg" @ img179.imageshack.us in /img179/2805] alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"/><br/>By <a target="_new" href="[a> @ profile.imageshack.us in /user/audiobuddha">audiobuddha<] at 2007-09-08
Night Kills The DayAiden * From Autumn To Ashes * I Am Ghost
When: 16 years agoWhat: Shows
Who: john66mustangComments: add a comment

THE NIGHT KILLS , Aiden and From Autum To Ashes
Sunshine Theater
120 Central Avenue SW
Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico | 505-764-0249

Date : Tuesday, July 24th
Door: 7:00pm
Cost: $12
Show: 8:00pm
Genre: Alternative/Rock
Age: all

The New York-based four-piece NIGHT KILLS THE DAY released their full length debut THE STUDY OF MAN on April 10 via the NYC indie Score Records. Filled with highlights such as the anthemic first single “Dive,” the electro-pop “Rainbows in N.Y.C.” and the danceable “Enjoy The Ride” The Study of Man… has been impacting specialty radio.
Produced by Joe Blaney--noted for his engineering work with the Ramones and Keith Richards as well as his efforts on the Clash albums Combat Rock and This is Radio Clash--the album is garnering early critical praise:

“Scuttling out of the darkness comes The Study of Man…and the Developed Shadow, the debut album from the Big Apple’s Night Kills The Day. The driving ‘After Hours,’ which opens the set, is built around an incandescent series of arpeggios, a musical exercise for keyboard and guitar transformed by a propulsive rhythm and delicately shaded atmospheres. ‘Rainbows In N.Y.C.’ is an obvious homage to Depeche Mode and just as infectious as anything that band has written, while the equally memorable “Dive!” evokes New Model Army at their most anthemic. …the lyrics reach depths more familiar to the industrial world than the goth. No romancing death here—NKD’s dystopian visions dwell exclusively on an eternal internal battle, the struggle to make sense of life, and the war waged against our weak flesh to repress unwanted desires. Although religion is the set’s thematic focal point, it easily crosses denominational divides, resonating even with atheists in its quest to understand the negative impulses that drive us all. A stunning debut and a thoroughly haunting and evocative album.”
--Jo-Ann Greene, ALL MUSIC. COM, March 12, 2007

“Despite the obvious connections to The Cure or Bauhaus, Night Kills the Day stands apart. The four-piece have crafted a mature and layered experience that has a certain New York feel….The Study of Man… will haunt you even after you hit stop and move onto something else. It’s catchy, moody, melodic and overall engaging. From the atmospherics of guitarist Izzy Lugo, to the smooth rhythm section of bassist Timothy Falzone and drummer Roger Benton to the haunting voice of Luke Brian, Night Kills the Day is not a band that you will soon forget.”
--Chris Beaumont, BLOG CRITICS.ORG, March 2007

[ @ www.nightkillstheday.com in ]
[ @ www.scorerecords.com in ]
[nightkillstheday @ www.myspace.com in /]
Art Gallery Event-Downtown Abq
When: 17 years agoWhat: Shows
Who: angaym k ossComments: add a comment

516 ARTS, a new museum-style gallery opening soon in Downtown Albuquerque, announces our first event – Sidewalk Vidi/Cine, the Pre-Opening Window Project presented in partnership with Basement Films & The Guild Cinema. Bring a chair and join us outdoors for an unusual multi-media arts experience.

To celebrate the opening of 516 ARTS, one of the state’s best independent gallery venues, Basement Films and The Guild Cinema will create a series of screenings visible from the street by projecting onto the 25 foot high front windows of 516 ARTS. Each Saturday night for six weeks, the group will present what Basement Films calls “a multi-projector extravaganza of retinal stimulation that will haunt your dreams and alter your reality.”

The program is led by Keif Henley, founder of Basement Films and co-owner of The Guild Cinema, with collaborators Bryan Konefsky, Sarah Wentzel-Fisher, and Elena Agustin. Events will include Cinemus Publicus, an open screen for local film & video, as well as locally produced live soundtracks with short films from Basement Films’ eclectic collection. Films and videos range from classic silent films to new work by local artists.

On three nights, every other week --— September 16, September 30, and October 14 — the screenings will be accompanied by live music in the entryway of 516 ARTS. Musical guests include Zack Freeman, Incus Arts, Ken Cornell/Alchemical Burn, Blake Minnerly, A Black Lux, and Daddy Long Loin. Schedule and more information about performers coming soon.

Central Avenue will be closed to traffic starting at 8:00pm. Parking available in the pay lot at 6th and Central, in the City’s pay lot at 5th & Copper, and on side streets.

For more information on 516 ARTS, see the attached press release, and visit [516 ARTS — Welcome!]


Basement Films is a nonprofit, volunteer run micro-cinema supporting experimental, independent, and other under-represented forms of film and video making. The membership is made up of artists, activists, media makers, and "film buffs." Basement Films provides a forum for voices not heard in mainstream media. Since 1991, Basement Films has projected unique, moving image works by artists from around the world.

Basement Films serves as a resource for artists, filmmakers, and students interested in exploring new and experimental approaches to moving image art. In this regard, Basement Films facilitates filmmaking workshops at a variety of educational institutions including the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque Academy, and Highlands University. At these workshops Basement Films work to empower students by encouraging their cinematic voice and sense of personal representation. Basement Films also hosts a high school internship program to expose younger students to the possibilities of alternative voices in a media saturated world.

Basement Films’ resources include projection equipment and an archive of more than 7,000, 16mm, industrial and educational films, which are available for use by artists, filmmakers, and the community. The archive consists of films from the 1950's to 1970's which were used to socialize students, train employees, or bring a view of the world to community centers. These films are often referred to as "ephemeral" in that they were made with extremely low budgets and were often thought of as disposable. However, only recently are these films being saved and recognized for their rich historic value.

For more information, visit [basementfilms.org] or email [[basementfilms@riseup.net]]

Sidewalk Vidi/Cine is co-sponsored by The Guild Cinema, Albuquerque’s only independently owned, single screen movie theatre, established in 1966. Located on Central in Nob Hill. For more information, visit [Welcome to Albuquerque's GUILD CINEMA]
Legendary Pink Dots
When: 17 years agoWhat: Shows
Who: angaym k ossComments: add a comment

The Legendary Pink Dots will be performing this sunday the 2nd of July at The Launchpad. Tickets are available now for $13 at Natural Sound in Nob Hill on Central.LEGENDARY PINK DOTS ON SUNDAY (7.2) at the LAUNCHPAD!!!!!!doors at 8.It is their 25th anniversary tour. This is the band that will blow your mind everytime...
Ryanhood-Acoustic Rock Concert
When: 17 years agoWhat: Shows
Who: luckylassy13Comments: add a comment

Hey there!

I must let the people know!

RYANHOOD, an amazing acoustic rock band, is playing at the UNM in Johnson's field, April 22 (which is a Saturday) at 4:00 P.M. Most importantly it's a free show! A bunch of other bands will be playing before them starting at around 11:00 or 12:00PM. At 6:00PM REEL BIG FISH will be playing for a two hour show of their own.

Don't miss this! These guys are amazing. You won't forget them!

If you have any questions about this event or Ryanhood, feel free to contact me! I'm really nice!


Oscillation T-Shirts
When: 18 years agoWhat: Shows
Who: efesarComments: 4

events: Oscillation 5 Oscillation T-Shirts are now available online @ [949643 @ www.cafepress.com in /burque]

I received my T-Shirt yesterday. It looks great! Kenny will be selling 15 at the show, for somewhere between $12-$17 a piece (his price is not set yet). You can also order yours now to wear at the show and help support Oscillation. You only have 9 days before Nov 18th!!!!!

[cafepress_master.php @ burque.info in /]
[ @ oscillation.info in /]

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