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Golden West Saloon Destroyed by Fire!
When: 15 years agoWhat: Local
Who: PRYComments: add a comment

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - Cleanup has begun following a devastating fire this morning in downtown Albuquerque.

Firefighters were called to the Golden West Saloon on Central Avenue near Seventh Street around 6 a.m. today.

When firefighters arrived, they started fighting the fire from the inside, but quickly got out.

"Our commanders felt like the roof was being compromised, so we took our firefighters out of the building," said Melissa Romero with the Albuquerque Fire Department.

Soon, the roof did collapse, causing backdraft explosions, when the oxygen-starved fire got a sudden increase in oxygen.

The heat could be felt hundreds of feet away.

Crews contained the fire about two hours later.

Near the time they contained the fire, firefighters lost control of a high-pressure hose, which hit two firefighters. One was sent to the hospital with a head injury, while the other was treated on the scene for an ankle injury.

The saloon is a total loss. The neighboring Launchpad nightclub suffered heavy smoke and water damage. A post on the club's Web site says it's temporarily closed.

El Ray Theater, which shares a building with the saloon, suffered minimal smoke and water damage.

The fire sent ripples through the downtown community. The building was built in the 1920s. (More on the building's history)

"Downtown is already fragile," said downtown resident Anna Muller. "It affects all of us."

It also had a more immediate impact on a lot of people in and near downtown.

To protect firefighters, Public Service Company of New Mexico crews shut down power to about 700 customers in the area around 6:45 a.m.

KRQE News 13 was among those customers. The station was briefly knocked off the air before its backup generators kicked n.

Power was restored to most customers around 7:30. Another 39 customers very near the scene were without power until about 1:20 p.m. because of safety concerns.

Several schools nearby are operating on different schedules than usual because of the fire and smoke.
Pulse and Blu Closed Due to IRS Back Taxes
When: 18 years agoWhat: Local
Who: efesarComments: 7

Update: I forgot to mention, they're open again.

The bars formerly known as Pulse and Blu have closed. Upon visiting their website you will notice a new logo to replace the old one, which says "1996-2005?" It then goes on to say "No Matter what... It was your home, and it was your family..." -- [ @ www.pulseandblu.com in /]

I haven't gotton all the details, but I have heard some rumors, and I will detail them here. Keep in mind these are all rumours.

Apparently some patrons noticed a sign on the door from the IRS talking about seizures and non-payments of taxes. The former manager and part owner, Vince Johnson, apparently didn't pay back taxes for several years. Allegedly, the tax bill is nearly up to $2 million dollars. Vince, who allegedly sold his shares in the business sometime earlier this week to another owner, gossips say, skipped town and bolted to Texas. Vince has been in this sort of trouble before with the Sunshine Theater -- [story3.html @ www.bizjournals.com in /albuquerque/stories/2002/03/04]

For the time being, Goth night has been moved to OPM downtown -- [116090.html @ www.livejournal.com in /users/pvck] . Underage patrons will no longer have a Goth night to go to, because OPM does not allow underage patrons.

If anyone has any solid information about this situation, please feel free to comment or talk about it in the message boards. In the meantime, let the rumor mill churn!
Site updates...
When: 18 years agoWhat: Local
Who: efesarComments: 7

The site will be going through some transitions soon. If things ever look funny or weird, clear your web browser cache and reload the page. If that doesn't work, try a proxy bypass reload. To do this on your web browser, press SHIFT or CTRL or SHIFT+CTRL while clicking the reload icon.

If it still looks weird, take a screen shot and email it to me, efesar [at] gmail [dot] com. Let me know what operating system you are on, and the web browser make and version. Thanks.
Help Save Transmisison Magazine
When: 19 years agoWhat: Local
Who: efesarComments: 1

(from their website at transmissionmagazine dot com -- sorry, the link doesn't work right cuz of a bug on this site)

I want to thank all of you for the support of Transmission Magazine over the past two years. As you know Transmission has been unmatched in it’s promotion of New Mexico’s original music community, as well as, locally owned music stores, clubs and recording studios.

Now, as we approach our third year of publishing this great music resource, we are looking to unique ways of financing the publication. Transmission’s mission has never been about profit, however, the cost of producing a publication of our size and distribution is not small. And in the coming year we anticipate an increase in circulation and staff to better serve this growing music scene. In an effort to create a more community based resource, we are asking you to become part of a movement that is designed to create “grassroots” support of the magazine.

For a limited time the bands and artists that have supported us for the last two years are being offered a unique opportunity to help Keep Transmission Alive and be a part of something awesome in November:

For bands-
Limited to 100 bands
One-time eighth-page 4.25” x 2.75” (b/w) sponsorship of $75.00

What you get -
Six ads over the course of the year

Access to Transmissionmagazine.com resources including submission on Transmission Radio and Transmission TV

Transmission Magazine T-shirt

THE FULL YEAR - 2005!"
New Kobold track...
When: 19 years agoWhat: Local
Who: morphComments: 4

Hi all!

After disappearing for a while, we are back. A near
finished mix of "Rubicon" has been posted. Check it out
and let us know your thoughts!!

We hope this finds you all well,

cd release: random access memory
When: 19 years agoWhat: Local
Who: efesarComments: 2

band: random access memory i am pleased to announce that ram ( [Adidas Y3 Plateau Sneaker Diadora,Hogan Levi's Ferragamo Luxus-Outlet Versace Burberry in DE Kostenloser Versand] ) will be releasing their debut CD during the month of august.

to celebrate this event kentifyr will be hosting two separate release parties. one will be in albuquerque at the pulse ( events: random access memory cd release party ) on thursday, august 26th and the second one will be in santa fe ( events: random access memory cd release party #2 ) saturday august 28th at warehouse 21.

there will be live performances by random access memory and other special guests. the full length ram cd will be available, as well as other ram paraphernelia like t-shirts and stickers.

don't miss it!

* dates are subject to change
2004 local CD releases
When: 19 years agoWhat: Local
Who: efesarComments: 16

there will be a lot of hub-bub going on in the next 6 months concerning CD releases.

several CDs/albums are to be released in the 2nd half of 2004, including a couple of well-anticipated band CDs and a couple of compilations. i don't think i'm at liberty to say, but if you're on this list (and you want the publicity), post your project in the comments for this post.

one idea is to have an ALL remix version of Burque Luv. i know there are billions of remix kits floating around out there, and tons of remixes. how many people are interested in being on a low-level burque.info/burque luv remixed song CD? they can be previously unreleased songs, just so long as they are remixes (by you or by somebody else). if you are interested in this idea, then contact me.

[contact us (burque.info)]
new mexico music industry awards
When: 19 years agoWhat: Local
Who: efesarComments: 16

so it's that time of year.

You have only three weeks left (February 6th is your last day) to submit your entries for the 17th Annual 2004 New Mexico Music Industry Awards.

[ @ www.nmmia.com in ]

brian botkiller was in the running last year, but didn't win. we'd like to see more diversity in all categories, but especially the ones related to digital music.

according to the website:

Electronica - Formally titled Dance Oriented Rock / Techno this music brings into its circle all forms of electronic music. Pioneers like Michael Olfield gave birth to people like Moby.

hopefully, the site refers to giving birth to moby in a ... metaphorical sense. i would shudder to think of how that big head got through that ... uh .... nevermind.

anyway, entry fee is $17. please let us know if you're going to submit.
Oscilation III: Albuquerque Tribune
When: 20 years agoWhat: Local
Who: efesarComments: add a comment

we also got printed up in the tribune. check it.

[121203_diversions_music.shtml @ www.abqtrib.com in /archives/diversions03]
KINK Cancelled/Postponed
When: 20 years agoWhat: Local
Who: efesarComments: add a comment

the most recent KINK (august 9th) has been cancelled/postponed.

Upcoming Event August, 9th POSTPONED<br><br>

We are very sorry to inform you the event had to be RESCHEDULED.<br><br>

Due to recent events at the Sunshine and the nature of this event, It was decided not to proceed at that venue.

get more info <a href="[a>. @ www.kinkklub.com in /">here<] by the way, the "recent event" that caused this problem at the sunshine theater is the very sick, sad and tragic <a href="[a> @ www.sexcriminals.com in /news/14876/">murder<] that occurred there <a href="[a>. @ tvitimes.tvi.edu in /newssumup/030722_newssumup.htm">recently<]

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