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red letter records cd release tonight
17 years ago
Comments (11)
In Santa Fe there is a CD release party for events: Red Letter Records CD release! Volume A of their comps. If you get a chance, you should head to Warehouse 21 in Santa Fe to check it out.
11 comment(s)
heh, ya, if only they would review us. not likely. (by botkiller 17 years ago)
ROTFLMFAO! Efesar, that was priceless. (by Sindrone 17 years ago)
Wow. I'm dumber than I thought. It was a forum post. NM. Nevermind. I'm a (by efesar 17 years ago)
Here is something else I hadn't expected: The Daily Lobo ran a feature, too. [main.cfm @ www.dailylobo.com in /] (by efesar 17 years ago)
hmm, i hadn't realised that my profile still said i am "from Albuquerque". it's updated now. the shameful truth is i've been living in Los Alamos for the last several months. so, it's not really easier for me to get a CD from efesar. but, i plan on moving back to the burque sometime this month (i'm currently apartment-hunting), so maybe i should just wait till then.... (by poison_pansy 17 years ago)
oh ya, totally, grab a copy from efesar, he'll hook you up. (by botkiller 17 years ago)
cool, thanx, i will email. (by poison_pansy 17 years ago)
I have a box of CDs that I bought from Botkiller. If you want to Paypal me $5 I will mail it to you (that's at cost, no markup). Or if you prefer, just give me $3 and I will give you the CD in person. Or of course you can get it from Bri, but he lives in SF so it's really just a matter of convenience for ABQuerquians. (by efesar 17 years ago)
thanks guys, thanks for posting this Kay, we had such a GREAT turnout!

you can indeed purchase the Cd, drop me an email, thanks!
(by botkiller 17 years ago)
i missed the show, thanx to my car's transmission failing. -_- so, now i'm wondering, how can i get a copy of the cd? (by poison_pansy 17 years ago)
Fun event, but cold as hell. Good turnout, but mostly rock bands, so I was out of my element. I listened to the CD on the drive back to albuquerque and was blown away. It is INCREDIBLY good! (by Sindrone 17 years ago)
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