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instagib [the wench] [burque luv]
Intelligent Techno
 burque luv volume one burque luv volume one
Digital/Electronic [Compilation]
circa 2000
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One of the first tracks expressing a more open feel. Less industrial, more trance, this song speaks better in instrumentation than could possibly articulate with vocals. As stated above, the original nomer is "instagib" - Maternal instinct overlayed by the reality of doing it alone. Becoming father as well as mother is messy, not easy. Though the title at the time of Burque Luv (1) was "instagib", it ended up being called "The Cradle". The original conveyance of emotion with the first title has not been lost.
v0sh: sequencing, programming, mixing

Kay: remastering
1999-2005 Fear Studios
September 30th, 2000
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