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found it [burque luv two]
Progressive Electronica
[ @ www.fearstudios.com in ]
 burque luv volume two burque luv volume two
Digital/Electronic [Compilation]
circa 2001
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there is something in this life we all seek. sometimes we find it. fluid dance beat, melodic symphonic motion and dark, powerful lyrics.
written and performed by efesar.
© and (p) copyrights 1993-2005 by efesar
she found it when the clouds rolled in and the sky went dark
his storm had rolled in and it could have lasted for days again
when he called her in she didn't even say goodbye
she lost her head and turned to rage as she pulled...the trigger

she threw her arms up into the air
and called out a name she had never heard before

the man in black with the hat walking down a deserted road
found it in a flower growing in a thatch of weeds by the side
he threw down his cigarette, phone, a pack of matches and his wedding ring
pulled off his hat and the shirt off his back and his dusty old shoes

he threw his arms up into the air
and called out a name he had never heard before

she found it lying in a puddle in the middle of the street
a half a piece of dollar with some writing scrawled up in the edge
it had the meaning of life and a telephone number to call

she threw her arms up into the air
and called out a name she had never heard before

a teenage boy looking in the window for something to steal
he saw an old man with a noose and a chair and a bottle of gin
the bottle was busted and he found it there on the floor in the alcohol
for all his days forever more in the trees he saw the hanging ... hanging ... hanging ... hanging old man there

he threw his arms up into the air
and called out a name he had never ever heard before
Tropez/House of Gibson II/1999
A beat driven, melodic and lyrical dance song. A woman whose husband terrorizes her, a man in black who is dissatisfied, a woman who cannot find meaning and a troubled boy destined for a destitute life all found something. What exactly did they find?

luckily, almost a perfect song. the data files were lost in a hard drive crash the next day. fortunately, a single copy of the original song was burned as a demo.
May 31st, 1999
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