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degrees of reconciliation
Industrial Electronic
[Welcome to Fear Studios]
 missing the last part missing the last part
Digital/Electronic [LP]
circa 2005
 transience transience
Digital/Electronic [LP]
circa 2000
This song was added to our database on July 20, 2005, and the song's information was last updated 17 years ago. efesar is responsible for keeping this song's information up to date. This page has been viewed 1948 time(s).

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infatuation ensues, degradation of a hate/love relationship into parasitic suicidal codependancy. pentatonic and polyrhythmic influence.
written and performed by efesar.
© and (p) copyrights 1993-2005 by efesar
don't try to understand this
i know you'll never see this
i know you'll never feel this
it hurts but the truth will open your eyes when i am gone

i don't have to worry
this disillusioned world makes me want to cry
but i have no tears no tears in my soul for this
i have thirst in my heart and you are the desert

you won't understand this
and you'll use your life as a weapon
and i told you about that
and i know now you'll disregard me
are these degrees of reconciliation?

i said that i am defenseless
and now you've thrown your last dagger
you have wounded me mortally
because you won't understand this
Tropez/House of Gibson II/1998

a going away song, if you will. a half-completed video of this song sits in the vaults, waiting for the day that technology will allow it to be completed.
Degrees of Reconciliation marks the end of a very long, tumultuous relationship. Basically what this song is saying is that no matter how clearly spelled out a "divorce" is, there is always some need on both parts to "come back." This song is simply saying that sometimes these reconciliations are not possible.
July 31st, 1998
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