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doppelganger [edit] [burque luv four]
This track can be found on Burque Luv 4
 burque luv volume four burque luv volume four
Digital/Electronic [Compilation]
circa 2002
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This is the finale to the series of tracks that include Blame, The Cradle (instagib), Reflection, and others. A good portion of this series spans Burque Luv One through Four. There are b-side tracks that encompass this series of tracks that, like this epic, are far seperated from previous Thanatophobia tracks. The series and this track in particular were written with soundtrack in mind. Vocal or not, the power conveyed through these track sequentially or solo is apperant. Moving away from the abrasive and sometimes vulgar expression of previous Than tracks are these bold and expressive pieces. This endgame track was actually 4 or so minutes longer in it's original form. It's design as an energy release "finale" would have been lost as an addition to a compilation, it's content was shortened for continuity.
v0sh: sequencing, programming, mixing

Kay: engineering/mastering
1999-2005 Fear Studios
January 30th, 2002
3 comment(s)
i really like this. i can never make ambient music so im impressed when people do it well, and you have. (by phatkid 18 years ago)
again, k, thanks. (by v0sh 18 years ago)
see reflection. (by v0sh 18 years ago)
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