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do whatever the fuck you want
I hate fundementalist fucks trying to pin the decisions of messed up people on the multimedia that everyone else on the planet is also exposed to, instead of holding these twits accountable for their own actions
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Really harsh. Really old.
Kay did what he could to make this track sound better, but this song was written back before i knew ANYTHING about engineering, so if you think this sounds bad... you should hear the "pre-master"...
circa: 1998
v0sh: keys, programming, vox, pre engineering.
The Kay: re-mastering
Copyright 1998-2003 Fear Studios All rights reserved
do whatever the fuck you want

fuck anyone you want to
in any position you want
nobody can stop you
yeh theres diseases, but those diseases arent for you
nothing will happen just do it
and say you were to get your "ghonna-syphil-herp-AIDS"
look at it this way you can give it to those who need it

do what you want
do what you want
do whatever the fuck you want
but dont blame us

beat the shit out of your wife, then backhand your kid
what the fuck, my dad used to do it to me
who gives a shit what everyone else says
think for yourself and do what you want

do whatever the fuck you want
do what the fuck you want:
just dont blame us

go out, kill someone
what the hell go visit your local congressman
or maybe go higher up the line
find a high ranking official -
do whatever the fuck you want

smoke a fucken joint or even do some crack
do a line of meth or coke fuck it all
do whatever the fuck you want acid is the way
if you are into mellow shit eat mushrooms
we dont give a shit what the fuck you do
think for yourself - just dont blame us

or you can go to your highschool, bring a gun or three
plant some bombs around your fucking campus, see if i care
i dont give a shit what you do, you can shoot your fucking principal
just dont blame us - think for your self

do what you want
think for yourself
do what you want
we dont give a shit
do whatever the fuck you want
just dont blame us
I wrote this song well before "terrorist" was a buzz word, but very soon after a couple of kids went bonkers in a suburb of Denver called Littleton, in a high school called Columbine. In all seriousness that occurance was very sad, and speaks volumes of the nests our adults in " the most powerful nation in the world" is incubating our children in..
January 1st, 1998
4 comment(s)
badass!! (by lysergic 18 years ago)
like i say..... "fuck it" er... (by v0sh 20 years ago)
yeah man, it definitely kicks! Love the vocals and the liberal use of the F word. (by goatpax 20 years ago)
wooooooooooooooooooooooo this kicks (by Girl Kills Boy 20 years ago)
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