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Crisis Generator
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Albuquerque, NM
Jarrett aka Dresdin
Also looking for a couple of potential permanent personnel additions.
searching for a programmer or programmers,to be able to play from a variety of influences such as Industrial, Synthpop, NewWave, Neofolk, EBM and so forth..with the ability the to be counteractive and intuitive. male or female and also looking for a Keyboardist, with classical and or Electro/Industrial know how to create a strong, dedicated, and hard working experimental Band ( the ability to sing would be most excellant but not necessary ) An example of some of my Influences range from Joy Division, Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Echoing Green..Leiahdorus..B! Machine..Tool, Death in June.. Finally most important of all... You must have your own equipment for rehearsals and performances, i.e. MOOG, Rhodes,and Hammond these type instruments a BIG plus....... Serious Inquiries only please...

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us.
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We are a brand spanking new music act to grace ABQ, we still have lots to do before being the bad asses we'd like to be. Tracks placed here are scratch tracks, final productions will be dully noted upon a much later date, please feel free to comment, just try not to be an arse if it happens you don't like what ya hear.
To be the best damn band this side of the tracks

also to be as original as possible, sure my love to hear is electronic, but my love to play is music, any sorts, well with in reason of course....
Soaring gently through my mind, slowly gliding, twisting and turning. I can wander for hours in my mind, everything appears to be perfect, this is my mind. Can it be wrong? Not in my head, its never wrong. I see things in my mind as they are not as they have been or perceive to be. In my mind it all seems so logical nothing's out of place, everything is as it should be. Though my mind is not for others. The corners of my mind have sharp edges. The pathways are aligned with thorns. An x-rated picture show at the ends of every hallway. Soaring gently through my mind, slowly gliding, twisting and turning. ( I think ergo I am)
Jarrett Barboa/ vocals and arrangement Rich Thomas/ instrument virtuoso and arrangement!!!!!
Crisis Generator has been at it for about 2 yrs
Musically speaking we have been doing this forever.
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