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Albuquerque, NM
d. ryan mowry
sneuwbal films / ROTTEN ZOMBIE RECORDS
be a part of ROTTEN ZOMBIE RECORDS!!!! Check us out on myspace [rottenzombierecords @ www.myspace.com in /] and be our friend! Want to be a part of RZR? Send me a CD for review!!!! let's talk: [ryan@sb-films.com]
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i make music. i've loved music for a really long time, and i've heard music everywhere... so i finally started writing my own. some of my older stuff is alot of samples, kind of a "cut and paste" style, if you will. my newer stuff is more made by me with fewer samples (though i still use samples when they work). as for a style... who knows. some songas are very ambient, very experimental, other tracks are very straightforward, and more like rock than electronica. it all just depends.

I guess you could also say (without lying) that I am a filmmaker. I have finished a comedy-documentary called "Max Rudin: Large and in Charge 2002" as well as the first episode of my sketch-comedy show, Time Has Come, entitled "pass the remote." and the second episode, "edits". I have also produced Time Has Come, the Film - which hwas one of a handful of Features played at the inagural TromaDance NM. Since then I have finished Spanking the Monkey and Nacht van de Duivel DVD-Speler. I finished (as a short) my zombie stoner comedy, After the End. You can check it out here: [AtE.html, @ www.sb-films.com in /] and if you're interested, pick one up for $10...



i'm a man.
married, happily.
yeah. and other stuff.
making film and music... and being paid for it. that'd be sweet. right now I'm making film and music and paying for it! but you've got to have the love...

also it'd be nice to get a little recognition every once in a while.
ok, here's a few:

do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

in religion and politics people's beliefs are almost always gotten at second-hand, and without examination. (mark twain)

if you're attacked by zombies and you have a gun, don't waste bulletts - you'll need those later - make sure you shoot them in the head.

fuck all these gun-toting, hip gangster wannbes (TOOL)
on top of making music, i am also writing a few different full-length screen plays, and I am the webmaster of my site, [ @ www.sb-films.com in ] (and i create all the graphics on the site...)
filmmaker / musician
go to [ @ www.sb-films.com in ] or [sb_films @ www.myspace.com in /] to see what's going on with my movies...
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